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"Customized Portfolio and Talent Development" Course

Everyone is different and they can be at different stage. So, this course is designed to develop an individual's skills and portfolio. What’s special about my mentorship program is flexibility to customize to your needs so course can be tailored to your skill level and your interest. Each program will be made by me after discussion and based on mentee’s agreement, the course will be begun.

There are 3 ways you can choose to work with me 

The course goes for a month (However, you can continue this course if you want to work with me afterwards)

  • $750 CAD - 1 Session/week (includes a check-in and 1 video demo file with feedback)

  • $1250 CAD - 3 Sessions/week (includes check-ins and 2 video demo files with feedback)

  • $1850 CAD - 5 Sessions/week (includes check-ins and 3 video demo files with feedback)

I will be sharing everything I have learned from industry and what I have learned from other artists and myself.

  • Design (How to Improve design sensibility)

  • Color (How to improve color sensibility)

  • Composition (How to create compelling composition)

  • Career Path (Discuss about Career path and direction)

  • Motivation and Psychology (How to be motivated and be confident about yourself)

When you submit your email for the Mentorship program, here are things you need to provide!

1. Your Portfolio link (Please have your own website and provide password if applicable)

2. Short Description about yourself and which session/week you would like to do and what are the things do you want to learn from this course.

3. Provide your career interests or goals. What type of jobs or what type of work do you see yourself enjoy doing?

Once I confirm your request, You can make full payment through electronic payment with Stripe.

 When I see payment has been made, I can proceed the course with you.

Talk to you soon.

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